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Conveyancing and Buying Property in Queensland

Conveyancing is the complete process of transferring land ownership from one person to another under the provisions of a contract for the sale of land. To understand the buying journey and how conveyancing works, it is important to know that each Australian state has its very own set of regulations

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Different types of deposits

For buyers, it can be confusing between the deposit they have saved to contribute to their loan and the deposit they are putting down on the contract. Whilst is shows great commitment to a seller

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Signing the Contract

Who signs the contract first once the offer has been made? Once a prospective buyer has made an offer to buy, the contract can then be prepared and sent to the buyer who will execute

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Who Moved My Chattel?

Andrew set the last of his moving boxes down in the garage and wiped the perspiration from his brow. ‘I’ll tackle the rest of the unpacking tomorrow,’ he thought to himself. ‘Just as well I

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Self-Managed Tenant

Are the Tenants on the Property managed by the vendor? Did you know that there is a large amount of behind the scenes work done by managing agents when a property changes ownership. When the

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Government Registration Fees vs Transfer Duty

What is the difference between Government Registration fees and Transfer Duty? At settlement, there are various additional items required to be paid by the buyer to effect settlement. Transfer Duty (also known as Stamp Duty)

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Deposit Bond

Q: What is a Deposit Bond? A: Deposit bonds can sometimes be used (when formally agreed to between the parties) instead of cash to pay a deposit when buying a home. The person taking out

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Sellers Obligations Until Settlement

The terms of the standard ADL and REIQ Contracts differ in what the requirements of the Seller are until settlement. Under the current REIQ Contract a Seller must use the property reasonably until settlement whereas

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PEXA Update

At Ownit Conveyancing we embrace the power of digital. Our clients and stakeholders expect fast and seamless settlements and this is why we choose to settle via the PEXA settlement workspace as often as we

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Transfer Duty Exemptions

Q: Did you know that there are many exemptions to the payment of transfer duty in Queensland? A: The Office of State Revenue website sets out the many exemptions allowed for the payment of transfer

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Q: Are there any differences between the ADL and REIQ Contracts versions? A: Both the ADL and REIQ Contracts differ significantly in the standard Contract terms. It is critical that the version of Contract being

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