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Coronavirus – COVID-19 January 2022 Latest Update

Here at OWNit we have taken steps to implement policies and procedures to ensure that we are able to continue to represent our clients during these unprecedented times. We are able to settle electronically via PEXA as well as complete verification of identity using facial recognition technology, without our clients

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Present Use

Q: What if at the Contract Date the present use of the property is not lawful under the town planning scheme? A: This information must be disclosed to the Buyer in the Contract, failure to

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Shared Pools

Residential pools on common property are generally the responsibility of the Body Corporate. Prior to signing the contract, the Seller should obtain a copy of the Pool Safety Certificate from the Body Corporate.  If there

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Matrimonial Exemptions to Transfer Duty

There are certain matrimonial exemptions from the payment of transfer duty for transactions pertaining to the Family Law Act 1975 (Cwlth) and the Property Law Act 1974 (Qld). If the transaction fits the exemption criteria

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Electrical Safety Switch

It is a legal requirement in Queensland that any property built after 1992 must have an electrical safety switch. If the home was built prior to 1992 and does not have one the Buyer must

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Verification of Identity

At OwnIt Conveyancing we are able to assist clients to attend to the verification of their identity via electronic means taking the hassle and fuss out of clients trying to find a suitable witness in

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Aggregation of Transfer Duty

Q:    Is there any impact of the amount of duty payable by a Buyer where a buyer buys more than one property? A:    Yes. In Queensland the amount of transfer duty payable increases with the

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First Home Vacant Land Concession

Q:   Is there a threshold amount for First Home Vacant Land? A:   Yes. In Queensland, the First Home Vacant Land Concession only applies to land valued at under $400,000.00. We want to assure everyone that

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Home Concession

Q:   Is there a transfer duty concession in Queensland for Buyers purchasing a property as their home? A:   Yes! In Queensland, a Buyer can claim a concession for transfer duty when acquiring a property as

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Implied Warranties

Under the Body Corporate and Community Management Act 1997 (Qld) there are certain implied warranties that the Seller is deemed to have given to a Buyer. If there are matters that should have been disclosed that

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Off the Plan Contracts

Under an “Off the Plan Contract,” the Lot does not exist at the time of Contract therefore the Standard ADL or REIQ Contract is not suitable for use when selling the Lot. A specialized “Off

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