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Buying and Selling Commercial Property

Buying a Commercial Property?

Buying and selling a commercial property in Australia can be tricky. Thanks to the elaborate conveyancing process in the country, making it through the commercial property buying or selling process is often easier said than done. The people who experience the fewest problems tend to be those who retain the very best help. If you’re going to be buying or selling commercial property in Australia, it pays to have OWNit on your side.

Set Yourself on the Right Track

While there are several aspects to consider in regards to whether a commercial property will cater to your business’s requirements, there are also many financial and documentation elements to understand as well. Solicitors like those at OWNit can take on the responsibility of managing mortgage challenges and transferring of Titles, amongst many other fundamentals.

When you appoint Ownit you get…

First Class Investigation

Impeccable Calculations

Exceptional Protection

First-Rate Results

Unbeatable Coordination

Prompt Preparation

Complete Transparency

Fast, Easy Settlement


At OWNit Conveyancing, we’ll take the reins of your commercial property buying or selling experience. In turn, you’ll enjoy a smooth, pain-free conveyancing process. OWNit will:

Liase with your financiers, ensuring that your mortgage is properly prepared – and saving you a lot of time and effort.

Give you impeccable, practical advice about mortgage documents; that way, you always know precisely what you are getting into.

Attend settlement on your behalf, allowing you to attend to other important business.

Utilise cutting-edge technology to enhance the efficiency and expedience of the overall commercial property conveyancing process.

Protect your best interests. When you hire us to assist you with commercial property transactions, we will be firmly on your side. The stress and anxiety that often accompany these processes will be dramatically reduced.

Bring several years of experience in commercial property transactions to the table for you. No other area conveyancing firm has the in-depth experience that OWNit does. The difference is abundantly clear, especially when you consider our track record.

As daunting as they may seem, Buying and Selling Commercial Property Transactions don’t have to be tedious, drawn-out or riddled with errors. At OWNit, we strive to provide the very best conveyancing services around.

With our trained professionals on your side, you’ll be able to get through the process of buying or selling commercial property a lot more quickly and easily.

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