Are you selling a residential property?

If you’re keen to sell your property efficiently, engaging quality conveyancing gives you an advantage. Ownit can guide you through the conveyancing process to ensure your experience is seamless and stress free. 

When you appoint Ownit you get…

  • First Class Investigation
  • Impeccable Calculations
  • Exceptional Protection
  • First-Rate Results
  • Unbeatable Coordination
  • Prompt Preparation
  • Complete Transparency
  • Fast, Easy Settlement

Why use Ownit?

How We Help In Selling Residential Property

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We Do it All

Every step of the way, Ownit will assist you in navigating the conveyancing process. Our goal is to guide our clients through to settlement and ensure they move in happy!


We Communicate with You

Sellers can sometimes be in the dark when it comes to the conveyancing process. Considering the amount of money that’s changing hands, it’s only natural to want to be kept in the loop. Our highly skilled solicitors will always keep you up to date on your conveyancing process, using transparent status updates in real time. Ownit is powered by tech, driven by lawyers.

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We Protect You

One of the riskiest things about handling the conveyancing process alone is that it may jeopardise your legal rights. The Ownit team are dedicated to protecting the rights of our property-selling clients.

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We Coordinate Everything

Agents, solicitors and banks all converge in the conveyancing process, which has the potential to create confusion. However, the Ownit team coordinates the efforts of each of these players, so that you won’t have to worry about who does what — because we do it all.

Frequently Asked Questions

When you select Ownit it to represent you during your property purchase or sale, our team of dedicated conveyancers and lawyers will prepare the necessary documentation, organise settlement and provide you with legal assistance regarding your rights and obligations.  

You can purchase conveyancing kits online; however common property transactions can be complex, and you may run into legal trouble if things aren’t done correctly. This is why it’s important to use a quality conveyancer.  

Ownit has been helping people interstate or overseas buy and sell property for over 40 years! In recent times though, this has been made easier with the use of email and televisual communication. 

Whether you are buying or selling property, our services are set at a fixed price. 

The only cost variable relates to disbursements. 

We don’t want you to be worried about the word ‘disbursements’ – it’s just an everyday legal term used to describe out of pocket expenses and all property transactions in Australia will incur some of these. 

We’ll always be upfront about your conveyancing costs, so as soon as you ask us to help you, we can provide you with an estimate of how much your disbursements are likely to be. 

These out of pocket costs all depend on the type of property you have bought or sold and where that property is located. 

We’re always here to help!

Get in touch with our team on 1300 553 750 or request your Free Quote.

Andrew Francey


Chief Operating Officer

Andrew has over two decades experience in high growth fast moving consumer goods, agribusiness and professional services. Supporting the Ownit team to deliver on client expectations, and implementing processes to scale the organisation, is a key focus for Andrew.

Andrew is a C-Suite leader with Chairman and Board experience.  He has formal qualifications in Business, Applied Finance and AICD Company Directors Course.

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