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About Us

The highest level of client service is only the beginning


With a team of highly skilled experts on hand, we work to give customers an understanding of the overall process. As a result, we present the most suitable options and the potential pitfalls to the client, ensuring transparency and a positive end-result.

Trusted legal conveyancing


Fees relating to conveyancers Brisbane don’t differ all that much between different firms. The most notable gap is in the services offered. There’s no need to leave one of your life’s biggest investments to chance. Our clients recommend our services because they have come to trust and understand the importance of investing in risk management, ensuring they’re able to access solutions that manage their property needs from start to finish.

Professional service & communications


Communications that are transparent, flexible and timely are critical for success, especially when clients can be located anywhere across the globe. Our team works professionally to keep all clients informed, no matter where they are in the world.


Be it through email, fax, mail or phone, we’re able to communicate efficiently, in the best approach for the requirements we are working with.



Queensland Law Society membership, alongside our professional indemnity insurance, means you’re granted a peace of mind in knowing you’re working with qualified firm under the QLD Law Act.


Fixed Price Conveyancing


Budget easily with no nasty surprises, thanks to our fixed fair-fee pricing. We understand that people want their interests protected, but they also want to be given full transparency when it comes to the costs associated with it. With our services, you can budget with confidence. Enjoy a fixed quote that is guaranteed, always.

No nasty, hidden extras!


Budgeting for your legal conveyancing needs to be clear. Our clients prefer a single price with no hidden extras. Professional price transparency sets us apart from many firms who like to charge a low entry fee plus outlays, plus extras for complexities which may arise.


We do not charge extra fees for:

  • Conducting council & property searches
  • photocopying, phone calls, faxes, postage or sundries
  • advising on any mortgage you may enter into
  • arranging the release of any mortgage you may have over your property
  • arranging any extension or variation of the final settlement date
  • any unusual complexities which may arise.


Most other solicitors and conveyancers add profit margin to these ‘extra’ services and charge you for some or all of the above; we do not—we want you to OWNit with clarity.


We are aware of many misleading and potentially deceptive practices within the market for conveyancing services. Therefore, we have put together some tips and tricks for comparing quotes. Call us to find out more.

No need for meetings


You are of course always welcome. You may not have time to attend meetings to receive advice or sign documents. Many of our clients live interstate or overseas and we still provide the same quality service We will keep you fully updated by phone, mail, fax or email – whichever you prefer. Our modern approach avoids the need for you to visit our offices.


We specialise in conveyancing and help thousands of clients move home every year. When you engage OWNit Conveyancing Services, you are going to be looked after in a manner that you probably thought was gone and forgotten… it’s the way we do things here! We would love to assist you.

We’re always here to help!

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