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Conveyancing and Buying Property in Queensland

Conveyancing is the complete process of transferring land ownership from one person to another under the provisions of a contract for the sale of land. To understand the buying journey and how conveyancing works, it is important to know that each Australian state has its very own set of regulations

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5 Services To Expect From A Good Conveyancer

Few homeowners are completely familiar with what happens in a conveyancing services company. This makes the homeowner unaware of what they should expect from their conveyancer when buying or selling their home. We want to

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Do I Have To Hire A Conveyancer?

When buying or selling your home, it is an exciting time, but it does come with many legal hoops that need to be jumped through. If you get just one “hoop” wrong, it can affect

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Should You Renovate or Move?

 If you’re at the stage in your life when you either renovate or move from your current property, Ownit Conveyancing Brisbane can offer the advice you need. Buying a home, or renovating your existing property

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A Covenant is a voluntary agreement that imposes some form of restriction or guideline to the parcel of land. Most frequently, the Covenant, in some cases known as a design guideline, is used to protect

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Sales Channels & Post Pandemic Tactics

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted all businesses, some for the better like the real estate industry. The great businesses have gotten creative during this period of change and diversified their sales channels to deal with

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Weather Events and Recent Floods

Our hearts go out to anyone in Southeast Queensland who has been affected by the recent floods. Weather events cause a great deal of stress to all property owners especially those bound by contractual obligations.

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