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Coronavirus – COVID-19 January 2022 Latest Update

Here at OWNit we have taken steps to implement policies and procedures to ensure that we are able to continue to represent our clients during these unprecedented times. We are able to settle electronically via PEXA as well as complete verification of identity using facial recognition technology, without our clients

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Merry Christmas from Ownit

To all of our clients and friends of Ownit we would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your support during 2021. 2021 has been a busy year for the property industry and

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Deposit Amounts

Q- Are you unsure of what deposit to offer when entering into a contract? A-  It is important to remember that the deposit amount on the contract cannot exceed a total of 10% of the

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Settlement before Christmas

  Buyers and Sellers are often eager to complete their settlement prior to the end of year shut down. The following requirements must be met prior to settlement being brought forward: 1. Documents in order;

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Disclosure Statements

It is important to remember to include the disclosure statement with the contract prior to the buyer receiving it to sign. The seller is required to provide relevant disclosure to the buyer prior to the

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Property condition at settlement

Moving in and out of a property can be a tedious task. So what condition does it need to be left in to ensure compliance with the contract? The terms of the contract provide that

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When the buying entity is a Company

Q- Did you know that a registered company has the same legal rights to purchase property as an individual? A- A registered company is considered a legal entity just like an individual person and as

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Early Possession v Early Access

There is often confusion from buyers and sellers alike between early possession and early access. Early possession is taking full possession of the property and moving in like the property is yours (subject to terms

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Early Possession

We all know that moving house is extremely stressful and being able to move in prior to the settlement date can take stress off the buyer so that the move in process is smooth sailing.

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Bringing the Settlement Date Forward

When all parties are eager to settle the property early, we may be able to negotiate to bring the settlement forward.Before making any requests, it is important that both the buyer and seller’s banks are

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