Do I Have To Hire A Conveyancer?

When buying or selling your home, it is an exciting time, but it does come with many legal hoops that need to be jumped through. If you get just one “hoop” wrong, it can affect your legal rights to the property. You might suddenly find you only have a limited timespan of access to certain parts of your property. Conveyancing is not always expensive because companies like Ownit offer accessible, cheap conveyancing so every Australian can access property ownership and protection.

Why Use A Conveyancer?

A conveyancer is certified to interact with certain legal institutions, sign certain legal documents, and access certain legal data.

In Australia, each State has different laws regarding the details of the conveyancing process. For Queensland, all conveyancing work is done by conveyancing solicitors who comply with the Legal Profession Act administered by the Queensland Law Society and Legal Services Commission.

Under the rules and regulations, law firms can employ conveyancers, but all work will be supervised by solicitors.  

Here’s how your conveyancing solicitor in Queensland will help you:

  • Prepare private sale contracts, review and give advice
  • Handle communications with the buyer’s and seller’s conveyancer
  • Meet your bank’s conveyancing conditions
  • Draft the transfer
  • Calculate settlement figures
  • Send you a Registration Confirmation Statement

Loopholes Found By Conveyancers

When buying a property, you may not know what historical arrangements have been made by previous owners. Easements give other parties access to your property and it might be hidden in some obscure contract. For example, a large corporation (of water or energy) may have an easement preventing you from doing construction over their pipes (which run through your property). 

Your conveyancer does all sorts of complex research and searches to make sure no one has their sticky fingers anywhere near your property. 

Checks Done By A Conveyancer

Your chosen conveyancer will do extensive research and checks. Examples of these checks are:

  • Easements – someone has legal access to your land to undertake maintenance of utilities that run through the land or to drive through it.
  • Covenants – this will limit your exterior colour choices, cladding, types of fencing and a myriad other aspects of your property.
  • Caveats – this translates from Latin as ‘beware’ and highlights that someone has an interest in your property, such as a creditor. 
  • Preparing and lodging legal documents.

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