5 Services To Expect From A Good Conveyancer

Few homeowners are completely familiar with what happens in a conveyancing services company. This makes the homeowner unaware of what they should expect from their conveyancer when buying or selling their home. We want to not only demystify our industry but also give you the chance to measure our service against our words. We do walk the talk. 

Here are 5 services you will get from a better level conveyancing service company.

Service # 1 Of Good Conveyancing Services

Top of the list for your chosen conveyancer is the processing of all the necessary legal documentation related to real estate transactions.

To execute this service, the conveyancer does a variety of searches for title deeds and property records. This ensures that all required legal disclosures (specific to State or Territory – selling) or sufficient levels of due diligence (purchasing) have been thoroughly executed. This is important because the Certificate of Title and other relevant documents provide evidence of proof of ownership.

Any limitations (e.g. easements and caveats) will be shown on the Certificate of Title and related documents. 

Service # 2 Of Good Conveyancing Services

The seller’s or buyer’s contract will be overwhelming detailed and will also incorporate the aforementioned limitation. It is critical that you thoroughly understand this document so you are not surprised that your offer can be rejected after 72 hours, for example, if a bigger offer comes in. 

Your appointed conveyancer will talk to you about the key points that you need to be cautious about.

Service # 3 Of Good Conveyancing Services

Finances are seldom straightforward with property deals. You have made very large payments to the council to cover a few months of council rates and a buyer signs two weeks later. Your good conveyancer will help you recoup those funds on the bottom line as well as any other finance adjustments. They will ensure you only pay the right costs linked to the property based on the settlement day or date. There is a lot going on when a house is being bought and sold and you need a professional to stop any costs that might otherwise be overlooked by you.

Service # 4 Of Good Conveyancing Services

This is the exciting part for the property owner ‒ transfer of the property ownership. All the legal and financial documents that facilitate a legal transfer of a property will be prepared by your conveyancer. There are different requirements per state or territory. 

This is a very important service in the legal process. 

Service # 5 Of Good Conveyancing Services

Your conveyancer will negotiate a settlement time that suits you with the other conveyancer representing the buyer or seller. It is during that settlement time the property transaction occurs, documents are stamped and delivered and financial transactions occur.

Then it’s house warming party planning time!

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