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Conveyancing and Buying Property in Queensland

Conveyancing is the complete process of transferring land ownership from one person to another under the provisions of a contract for the sale of land. To understand the buying journey and how conveyancing works, it is important to know that each Australian state has its very own set of regulations

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Disclosure Statements

It is important to remember to include the disclosure statement with the contract prior to the buyer receiving it to sign. The seller is required to provide relevant disclosure to the buyer prior to the

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Property condition at settlement

Moving in and out of a property can be a tedious task. So what condition does it need to be left in to ensure compliance with the contract? The terms of the contract provide that

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When the buying entity is a Company

Q- Did you know that a registered company has the same legal rights to purchase property as an individual? A- A registered company is considered a legal entity just like an individual person and as

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Early Possession v Early Access

There is often confusion from buyers and sellers alike between early possession and early access. Early possession is taking full possession of the property and moving in like the property is yours (subject to terms

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Early Possession

We all know that moving house is extremely stressful and being able to move in prior to the settlement date can take stress off the buyer so that the move in process is smooth sailing.

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Bringing the Settlement Date Forward

When all parties are eager to settle the property early, we may be able to negotiate to bring the settlement forward.Before making any requests, it is important that both the buyer and seller’s banks are

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Pexa Key

Q- Are you worried about the safety of your funds being transferred electronically? A- GOOD NEWS. PexaKey is a new app that allows you to confirm your bank account details in a safe, secure and

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Paying the Initial Deposit on time

Q-    Did you know that if the buyer pays the initial deposit late, the seller can terminate any time up to settlement?  A-    The last thing anyone wants is the contract to fall over at

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