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Cairns is an international gateway to two World Heritage sites – the awe-inspiring Great Barrier Reef and the timeless Wet Tropics Rainforest. Cairns residents are proud to live among these natural wonders in Far North Queensland and feel more encouraged to take care of their city given all it has to offer.

People of Cairns enjoy a relaxed lifestyle with all the perks of residing in a tropical paradise. When you choose to live in Cairns city, you will experience the best of both urban and rural communities, so it should come as no surprise that the Cairns property market is booming. That means there is also a greater demand for Cairns conveyancing solicitors to help settle property purchases.

Ownit Conveyancing can assist with every step of the conveyancing process, whether you are buying property, selling property, or transferring title in Cairns. Our experienced conveyancing lawyers are committed to making property transactions feel simple with our excellent service. Ownit offers seamless and stress free residential conveyancing services in Cairns, helping you to move in happy

Why Do You Need Cairns Conveyancing Solicitors?

Conveyancing is the process of transferring legal ownership of any property or real estate from one person to another. It is important that the contract conditions and other finance documentation is thoroughly reviewed before a property transaction can be settled. Property law is complex and a simple mistake with your contract details can have very expensive consequences. Every state in Australia also has different rules of conveyancing which makes it more complicated to understand.

This is where Ownit Conveyancing services will provide you with clarity. Having specialist property lawyers to guide you through the conveyancing process means that any documentation and the legitimacy of ownership will be checked out completely. Our Cairns conveyancing solicitors can even attend settlement on your behalf and facilitate the exchange of the relevant documentation. A conveyancing service will help you avoid any expensive complications with property transactions so you can enjoy the relaxed tropical lifestyle in Cairns much sooner.

Why Choose Ownit Conveyancing As Your Conveyancers In Cairns?

We’ll do everything we can for your property dreams with our exceptional Cairns conveyancing services.

  • Our services are designed to deliver low, fixed rate conveyancing solutions in Cairns.
  • The professionals and trusted paralegals at Ownit offer seamless and stress free conveyancing services in Cairns.
  • We have an experienced legal team to guide you through every step of your residential or investment property purchase, ensuring a smooth process.

You will be allocated an experienced senior property paralegal (supported by Solicitors) providing you with personalised service and expert legal advice.

Fixed Price Conveyancing Fees Cairns

Budget easily with no nasty surprises, thanks to our fixed fee conveyancing service. We understand that people want their interests protected, but they also want to be given full transparency when it comes to the fees associated with the conveyancing process. We can provide a fixed fee quote for our conveyancing Cairns services so you have certainty regarding the conveyancing cost of your property transaction.

We Do Not Charge Extra Conveyancing Fees For:

  • Conducting council and property searches
  • photocopying, phone calls, faxes, postage or sundries
  • advising on any mortgage you may enter into
  • arranging the release of any mortgage you may have over your property
  • arranging any extension or variation of the final settlement date
  • any unusual complexities which may arise

Where Is Cairns Located?

The fifth biggest city in Queensland, Cairns, is located to the north of Townsville and is a few hours drive from the northern tip of Australia.

What Does Cairns Offer?

Cairns is one of Australia’s cities which has great tropical weather. It is a world-renowned tourist destination and also becoming a popular place for migration. Everything that you need is already here in Cairns city, but the place is not as chaotic as other major centres in Australia so you can enjoy a more relaxed life.

You can choose from different schools and universities while Cairns is also home to one of the most prestigious Marine Science institutions in the world. From public schools to private ones, you will surely find the best school for your kids. Living in Cairns city also provides you with access to every health centre you could need such as hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, and other treatment facilities.

In Cairns, you will never run out of beautiful scenery to visit. You can fill your memories with wonderful nature sites and bond with your family and friends while enjoying the different outdoor activities.


The community here in Cairns city is diverse. People come from different places and they embrace every culture. Cairns locals are very welcoming and open to new residents. If you need to travel often for business or personal purposes, Cairns International Airport offers easy access to almost anywhere.

You might be excited to move to Cairns right now, but you should know that the residential property journey can often be confusing. You will need professional advice and support to ensure you understand all the financial and legal obligations of your property transaction.

Ownit Conveyancing offers conveyancing legal services in Cairns. With over 40 years of experience, you can trust that nothing will go wrong with the conveyancing process. From friendly staff to professional handling of every task to fixed rates and no hidden costs, our Cairns conveyancing services will have you moving in happy in this beautiful Far North Queensland city.

If you are interested in acquiring a property in Cairns, we are very much willing to assist you with your conveyancing needs. Enquire now and get a FREE quote or give us a call on 1300 553 750 for more detailed information.

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