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At OWNit Conveyancing, we are your trusted local Brisbane Conveyancing solicitor. We can help you with all of your conveyancing in Brisbane – buying, selling, or transferring title, you can leave it all to us. We make conveyancing cheap and easy – providing the conveyancing services in Brisbane for more than 30 years, helping thousands of people every year.

Why choose OWNit Conveyancing as your Brisbane Conveyancers?

When it comes to choosing us to represent you and provide you with exceptional conveyancing services, it is important to understand the reasons why you should do so. Our services are designed to deliver the efficient and professional conveyancing solutions in Brisbane, giving us an added edge.

The professionals at OWNit offer services for property conveyancing works at some of the cheapest prices in both the Gold Coast and Brisbane.

We have an experienced legal team to guide you through every step of your purchase, ensuring a smooth process.

You will be allocated an experienced senior property paralegal (supported by Solicitors) providing you with personalised service.


Are you more of a warm-weather person? Do you like hanging out with nature and beaches but also like to chill in urban places? Brisbane is the place to be!

From the no-winter-weather and accessible beaches to more affordable properties compared to the other cities- you definitely would consider moving here.


This city is the capital of Queensland and is located on the state’s southeast corner. You can find it on the east coast of Australia.


If you are looking more into the accessibility, Brisbane can convince you to pack your things now and move. It has the Brisbane Airport. It is fit for travellers or people who go on business trips a lot. Three railway systems pass through it- the Ferry Grove Railway Line, Shorncliff Railway Line, and Doomben Railway Line. There are also “busways” which starts in the station at Brisbane’s Queen Street. Ferry rides are available here too! Taxis and minicabs will always be available for your convenience.

The people in this town consist mainly of young professionals who are highly educated and skilled. Considering that non-natives live in this place we can say that it is culturally diverse.

This city can offer a lot of job opportunities since it has been the centre of economic growth. It is one of the fastest growing economies in the country which house companies which can offer jobs.

For students, there are 544 schools to choose from. Brisbane’s private schools offer the most affordable tuition fees compared to other nearby cities. The city is committed to its clean and green campaign so you can assure yourself that you’ll be breathing a fresh air.

Finally, the cost of living in this place is generally lower than other key cities in the whole world.

You might be very excited to move now, but before that, you should know that the process is not that simple. You will be needing professional help to make it easier.

OWNit Conveyancing offers services here! In fact, we have an office in Brisbane to cater your services. With 30 years of experience, you are sure that nothing will go wrong. From friendly staff to professional handling of every task to fixed rates and no hidden charges, our company is as appealing as this city is.

If you are interested in acquiring a property here, we are very much willing to assist you with your needs. Inquire now and get a FREE quotation from us!

Cheapest Conveyancing in Brisbane

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