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Is It a Good Idea to Make a Contract for Land Subject to Satisfactory Soil Testing?

Yes, it is a good idea. Buying vacant land without a thorough investigation can be a gamble – is the soil contaminated? Are there restrictions on the types of buildings that land can accommodate? Are there environmental factors to consider when purchasing?

With so many potential restrictions, environmental issues, and regulations for building, the safest option is to have the soil tested so you get to see the full picture and can make an informed decision on whether this is the right piece of land for you.

What Can Soil Testing the Land Tell You?

Whether you’re an expert agriculturist or hobby gardener, you will need to know the soil composition to understand if it can support the plants you intend to grow on the land. For those planning to build a home – or begin any other construction project – the type of soil can have an impact on the quality and stability of the foundations. Extra cost may be involved for some types of soil, for example, reactive clay soils need stabilizers and special foundation designs to make it a viable base layer.

More than that, doing your due diligence with soil testing can identify if the land has been contaminated with pollution, hazardous substances, or any other materials that can lead to ill health. Identifying before purchasing will allow you to budget for remedial works to address these environmental concerns before the building or project commences.

Some local governments mandate that soil testing is essential to be compliant with regulations. Always check local laws before you enter negotiations to ensure you have completed all the necessary paperwork and investigations and are aware of potential liabilities.

How Can Ownit Conveyancing Help You?

Ownit Conveyancing is first, and foremost, a lawyer service that specialises in property. We are here to assist you as you navigate through the complexities of buying and selling property. We focus entirely on QLD conveyancing, giving us the expertise and industry knowledge that you need during this stressful, and often confusing, process. Our mission is to ensure our clients are treated as business equals, and given the consideration and respect they deserve.

To help more people achieve the Australian dream of owning their own home, or even if you’re setting out on a new business venture, we offer exceptionally competitive prices while offering top-tier advice, guidance, and assistance with all conveyancing tasks.

If you need soil testing but are unsure how to begin the process, please reach out to us on 1300 553 750 to find out how we can help ensure the land you are buying is safe and ready for development.

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