Ownit Conveyancing: Doing The Heavy Lifting For Its Clients

Conveyancing is one thing that the vast majority of people aren’t keen to take on themselves. While there are many cheap conveyancing firms in Australia who can help, none bring the same level of personalised service, incredibly low prices or hassle-free assistance to the table quite like Ownit Conveyancing. Under Ownit’s business philosophy, people who are buying or selling property shouldn’t have to concern themselves with the nuts and bolts of the cumbersome conveyancing process; based on Ownit’s success and longevity, it’s plain to see that its clients couldn’t be happier with everything that this firm does to make the conveyancing process a breeze.


A Genuine Low Price Guarantee

Ownit Conveyancing consistently brings the lowest prices to its clients. “After shopping around extensively, it became clear that Ownit Conveyancing offers the absolute best prices around. When combined with the ease of working with them, it’s a veritable bargain. You’re not going to find a better deal anywhere,” notes one supremely satisfied client. In addition to offering remarkably low prices, Ownit further distinguishes itself by not charging any hidden fees to its customers. With Ownit, what you see is what you get.


Fast, Easy, Personalised Service

Everyone knows that conveyancing is a complicated process – everyone, that is, except for Ownit’s clients. That’s because when you hire Ownit Conveyancing, you pass the burden of the conveyancing process entirely over to them. “Our customers don’t have to worry about the fine points of the conveyancing process,” says one long-time Ownit employee. “When they hire us, they not only get exceptional conveyancing assistance, but they get to enjoy the peace of not having to worry themselves with the complex details that go along with conveyancing in Australia.”


In addition to streamlining the conveyancing process for their clients, Ownit stands apart by not requiring a single face-to-face meeting. “We understand how busy people who are buying or selling a home can be,” says one Ownit employee, “which is why we can handle everything without the need for time-consuming in-person meetings.”


Hassle-Free Conveyancing: An Ownit Specialty

“I’d heard nightmare stories about the conveyancing process from friends who had bought and sold property here in Australia,” says one Ownit customer. “Needless to say, I was a bit worried about how I would fare myself. Luckily, I hired Ownit to handle things for me; my experience was incredibly easy – you’d think that I lived halfway across the world from those people who’d had such a bad time. The difference was hiring a truly professional conveyancing firm.” This sentiment is echoed again and again by Ownit’s continually growing roster of satisfied customers.


There’s no reason that the conveyancing process should be a hideous, excruciating experience. With the right kind of help, anyone can buy or sell property without breaking a sweat. Hiring Ownit Conveyancing is the most guaranteed way to get through this process with ease. From amazingly low prices to truly personalised service to a conveyancing experience that is genuinely hassle-free, Ownit is the obvious choice. Don’t sell yourself short – or doom yourself to a drawn out conveyancing experience – hire Ownit the next time that you need to buy or sell property.

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Andrew Francey


Chief Operating Officer

Andrew has over two decades experience in high growth fast moving consumer goods, agribusiness and professional services. Supporting the Ownit team to deliver on client expectations, and implementing processes to scale the organisation, is a key focus for Andrew.

Andrew is a C-Suite leader with Chairman and Board experience.  He has formal qualifications in Business, Applied Finance and AICD Company Directors Course.

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