Mistakes Avoided By Hiring A Conveyancer

Anyone who has ever undertaken a property purchase or sale in Australia knows how complex, confusing and downright puzzling the conveyancing process can be. People who have tried to muddle their way through the process in past usually end up learning the hard way why having a professional property conveyancer at their side is so essential. Queensland conveyancing – from Gold Coast conveyancing to transactions in other parts of the state – can result in many common DIY Conveyancing Mistakes that otherwise wouldn’t occur if a conveyancer had been present; below, we highlight a few of them.



All too often, people looking to buy property in Australia do not allow an ample amount of time for the proper inspections to be undertaken. This can result in major delays and other trouble. A property conveyancer helps keep things on track, and doesn’t allow such important details to slip through the cracks.


Acting Before Contract Is Unconditional

Even if a prospective home buyer is careful about having the proper inspections completed, they often fail to have them performed before the contract becomes unconditional. When this happens, any trouble that is discovered is going to be theirs alone to deal with – a conveyancer can make sure that such inspections happen before this critical point.


Insuring Too Late

In most cases, property becomes the responsibility of the purchaser on the day following the signing of the contract – not upon settlement. There is a window of time between signing the contract and the actual settlement where many home buyers fail to purchase insurance – and catastrophe strikes.

Seller’s Responsibility To Have Property Clean

When you have a property conveyancer at your side, he or she can help write a special condition into the contract stating that the seller must leave the property in acceptable condition. This is not a “normal” part of such a contract, leaving open the possibility of making it all the way through settlement only to find a disaster waiting for you.


Prevent any Unnecessary Stress

A property Conveyancer will guide you through the entire process and ensure every important area of the conveyance is covered.  With their assistance they will assist and reduce the stress, the inconvenience – and added fees – that you will be subject to if you change your mind at a later date. A great deal of money can be saved by heeding this advice.

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