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What Are Administrative Advices On Titles?

Administrative advices on titles is a transparent disclosure by the seller that notes the legal status of the property. This is a legal requirement, and the seller must disclose any and all restrictions on the property so that the potential purchaser can make an informed decision as to whether they would like to proceed with the purchase.

The full list of administrative advices is available in The Land Practice Manual, issued by The Department of Natural Resources and Mines.

As a seller, it is vital that any relevant information is included on the title, and purchasers should familiarise themselves with these before entering negotiations. If you are uncertain, please speak with your conveyancer who can investigate and explain the legal implications of any notes added to the title.

Examples Of Administrative Advices On Titles In Queensland

  • Zoning Information
  • Heritage Listing
  • Easements
  • Encumbrances
  • Environmental Considerations

This is far from an exhaustive list, and it’s advisable to speak with a professional conveyancer to find out how any administrative advices will affect your intentions for the property.

Implications Of Failure to Comply with Administrative Advices

Administrative advices are there to ensure the purchase and sale of property is a transparent and legally sound process. Failure to provide a complete list of advices or ignoring notes on the title can carry serious legal consequences.

Regulatory authorities may issue fines, injunctions, or even enforcement actions. Any unauthorised actions, such as using non-compliant materials on a listed building, may be brought to a court enforced end, with an order to return the property to its previous state. Any damage caused to utilities from unauthorised works may result in the property owner being held responsible for damages.

Serious breaches can even be viewed as a criminal offence.

To avoid these issues, ensure you have a professional conveyancer to rely on when transferring a property title.

Get To Know It Before You Own It

If you want to understand more about the property you intend to purchase, there’s no better than Ownit Conveyancing. We are incredibly specialised lawyers who focus with laser accuracy on the laws and regulations surrounding property ownership.

We aim to make property ownership more accessible to all, encouraging the Australian dream of home ownership and making the process go smoother and more satisfactory than anywhere else. Our prices stay competitive to ensure more people can access affordable legal advice when it comes to buying a home, starting a business, or even embarking on a huge development.

For more information on how our QLD conveyancers can help you stay compliant with administrative advices regulations, please call 1300 553 750 today.

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