Key Accreditation Helps Ownit Outshine The Competition

Several things go into making Ownit Conveyancing the top choice for people who are seeking assistance with their conveyancing needs. In addition to being backed up by a team of lawyers and having many years of experience to their name, Ownit distinguishes itself by holding an accreditation with the Queensland Law Society. Learn more about this important accreditation by reading below.


The Importance Of A QLS Accreditation

Becoming accredited by the Queensland Law Society is no simple thing. There is a distinct process behind receiving that accreditation, and many conveyancing firms just don’t have the knowledge, experience or ability to get it done. “Although maintaining this accreditation means having to devote a great deal of time and money on our end, we here at Ownit are more than happy to do so. This accreditation is proof to our customers that we take our profession seriously, and that we insist on adhering to the law in the state no matter what,” says one Ownit employee.


Making The Decision Easier

“When I had to start looking around for a conveyancing solicitor in Brisbane, I was floored by how many different options I had. Figuring out who to go with wasn’t easy, but when I learned that Ownit held the important Queensland Law Society accreditation, my decision was much easier to make,” says one happy customer. In addition to helping Ownit stay abreast of changes and updates in the laws of Queensland, the QLS accreditation helps them stand apart from the crowd in a very positive way.


An Impressive Professional Body

There are many professional bodies in Australia that are concerned with the law, but few enjoy the great reputation that the Queensland Law Society does. Indeed, QLS is the leading professional body for legal practitioners in the state of Queensland. With more than 8,400 members and counting, it is a respected body that makes a positive difference in the lives of the citizens of the state on a regular basis. Having their seal of approval is proof positive that Ownit takes its role as a topnotch conveyancing firm very seriously indeed.


Continuous Improvement: A Trademark Of QLS Accreditation

Being accredited by QLS as a sure sign that an organisation strives for perfection in everything it does. “As is required of any accredited member of the Queensland Law Society, we here at Ownit are continually working to improve our processes and our services. Resting on our laurels just isn’t an option for us, and we find new ways to thrill our clients on a regular basis,” says one senior Ownit employee. Without a doubt, Ownit takes this specification seriously and hiccups or snags in any part of their services are addressed and fixed immediately.


Stick With The Best: Ownit Conveyancing

“Ownit stands out in so many important ways, they were an obvious choice for us when it was time to sell our home,” says one customer. “Upon doing a bit of research about the Queensland Law Society, we were doubly impressed by the dedication of the Ownit team.” Time and time again, Ownit customers express similar sentiments and are regularly pleasantly surprised by how quickly and easily they made it through the convoluted conveyancing process in Queensland. “Without Ownit, we’d have been up to our ears in things we knew nothing about,” says another customer. “I can’t recommend them highly enough.”

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Andrew Francey


Chief Operating Officer

Andrew has over two decades experience in high growth fast moving consumer goods, agribusiness and professional services. Supporting the Ownit team to deliver on client expectations, and implementing processes to scale the organisation, is a key focus for Andrew.

Andrew is a C-Suite leader with Chairman and Board experience.  He has formal qualifications in Business, Applied Finance and AICD Company Directors Course.

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