Conveyancing Frequently Asked Questions

Selling or buying property can be a complicated process, especially if you’re new to the game. This is where Ownit conveyancing services can help.

Check Out The Following Conveyancing Faqs To Learn How We Make Conveyancing Simple.

What is conveyancing?

Conveyancing is the process of transferring legal ownership of any property or real estate from one person to another. This is our specialty and our services cover all details.

As a buyer, how will conveyancing services help me?

Getting a conveyancing service would mean that documentation and the legitimacy of ownership will be checked out completely. We can also offer information on several properties so that there are options to choose from.

As a seller, how will conveyancing make transactions simpler?

There are a lot of details that are looked into before a property can be placed on the market. Documentation and its accuracy are assured that they are aligned with a conveyancing firm’s help.

Are there several meet-ups needed to set up the transaction?

The times have changed and there are several avenues that can be used as the medium to communicate. With Ownit, we can effectively use phone, mail, fax or email to coordinate and keep everyone on the same page.

What are the documents I need to buy or sell property?

There are very detailed documents that need to be prepared. Among which are contracts, survey, declarations the property and the like. Our company will be able to go through these details with you and make sure it’s sorted out.

Can I look into different options within a short span of time?

This is a yes. Ownit has been in the conveyancing field of expertise and we know how to troubleshoot and adapt to unforeseen changes in transactions.

Will I need a separate solicitor?

We do have our own team of licensed conveyance solicitors who can definitely provide solutions and options for you anytime.

If there are changes to the contract details, can this be done immediately?

At Ownit, we have a complete team of experts who we can consult and have things ironed out in a timely manner. We can also handle extensions or variations to the final settlement date if needed.

Should there be additional steps if a buyer or seller is overseas?

We’ve handled all kinds of transactions in conveyancing, especially those which involve parties where they are overseas. This won’t be a problem at all and we’ll see to it that communication remains transparent and coordinated seamlessly.

I still have to fix details about my property. Can I have a survey done with your company?

We will be able to help you arrange this as well as other information that you’d need to build into your documents. We offer our services as a team and this would also have no additional cost.

Do I need to handle insurance separately?

We are members of the Queensland Law Society, alongside our professional indemnity insurance. This shows that you’re working with a qualified firm under the QLD Law Act.

Will I need to clear up property details first before moving forward with the sale?

Yes, this is surely a matter we’ll be able to sort out for you. We’ll always keep customers informed of what we find and of the work needed to make things right.

Are witnesses or other parties needed for transactions or purchases?

As a conveyancing service, we will be able to act as witness needed for the documents.

Will I pay more when I go through conveyancing?

At Ownit, we have become one of the preferred conveyancing firms for we are very straightforward. We offer our clients a single price with no hidden extras from start to the completion of the transaction.

What do I need to do to smoothly purchase or sell property if there is a conveyancer to help me out?

Just let us know all the details on hand. We can assure you that we will work with you on every step to get things done smoothly.


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