Cheap Conveyancing To Get Your Property Transferred Quickly

When buying a property, the chances are your budget is already tight. The good news is that there is no need to break the bank on your solicitor fees. Cheap conveyancing can get the job done promptly and efficiently.  Good advice is to be on the lookout for the company that offers the lowest fixed […]

How To Choose The Best Conveyancing Services

These days, it is possible to find out how to do many things for yourself by doing a quick internet search. However, some tasks are best left to the professionals, and conveyancing services are one. So, suppose you are in the process of buying a property in Queensland. In that case, you will require the […]

5 Services To Expect From A Good Conveyancer

Few homeowners are completely familiar with what happens in a conveyancing services company. This makes the homeowner unaware of what they should expect from their conveyancer when buying or selling their home. We want to not only demystify our industry but also give you the chance to measure our service against our words. We do […]

Do I Have To Hire A Conveyancer?

When buying or selling your home, it is an exciting time, but it does come with many legal hoops that need to be jumped through. If you get just one “hoop” wrong, it can affect your legal rights to the property. You might suddenly find you only have a limited timespan of access to certain […]

Should You Renovate or Move?

 If you’re at the stage in your life when you either renovate or move from your current property, OwnIt Conveyancing Brisbane can offer the advice you need. Buying a home, or renovating your existing property can be incredibly exciting. It can also be daunting, stressful and expensive if life’s highly important decisions are rushed. If […]

What happens after the contract goes unconditional?

After the contract goes unconditional, all parties are eager to get settlement across the line. Something important to note is the work involved from the unconditional stage to settlement to ensure that all parties rights and interests are protected. It is important that steps are taken to ensure that the buyer and seller can transfer […]

Sales Channels & Post Pandemic Tactics

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted all businesses, some for the better like the real estate industry. The great businesses have gotten creative during this period of change and diversified their sales channels to deal with border restrictions and social distancing issues. What’s your lead generation strategy? When was the last time you tried a new […]

Our Partner Program

You need to know the conveyancing definition like the back of your hand as an agent! Clients are so important to your business and you need to help them throughout the process of settling on their new property. How much does conveyancing cost, do you wonder? We have the lowest fixed fee in Queensland. So […]