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Witnessing a Lease Agreement Contract

Witnessing a Lease Agreement Contract

Witnessing A Lease Agreement | OWNit Conveyancing Brisbane | Cheapest Conveyancing QLD | Fixed Fee Conveyancing

Q. Does Your Contract Need Witnessing A Lease Agreement?

A. No. The only purpose for a signature to a Contract being witnessed is that if there is a dispute as to whether or not a person has signed the Contract then the witness can provide appropriate evidence.

TIP: The Standard REIQ Contract requires each page of the Contract to be initialled and the Contract to be signed and witnessed and this is good practice to confirm what has been included in the Contract that the parties have signed. Also, any alterations to the Contract should be initialled by all parties and preferably by the witness. It is not essential however that the witness initial the amendment but is preferable. Any witness should be over the age of 18. The witness does not need any special qualifications.

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