The Trouble With DIY Conveyancing Process Kit

In today’s rough economic times, it’s understandable that so many people try to save as much money as possible. Since buying a home can be a very pricey proposition, it makes sense that so many Australians seek to cut corners wherever they can. Although there are some legitimate ways to save money when buying a new home – shopping around for a great loan is one example – skimping on the conveyancing process by trying to handle it yourself just isn’t one of them. Everyone knows that conveyancing is complex, but many people fool themselves into thinking that a DIY conveyancing kit is all they need. The fact of the matter is that using such kits is nothing short of a recipe for disaster.

Heed The Warnings

If the sheer complexity of the Queensland conveyancing or Gold Coast conveyancing transactions isn’t enough to scare you away from using a DIY conveyancing kit, the stern warning issued by the Real Estate Institute of Queensland (REIQ) should do the trick. The REIQ adamantly insists that consumers steer clear of DIY conveyancing kits, largely because the chance of making major mistakes is simply too great. In fact, an already-complex process can be rendered completely useless – indeed, it can fall apart completely – when it’s not undertaken by a professional and qualified conveyancing solicitor.

Save A Bit Now, Pay Big Later

People who choose to give DIY conveyancing kits a whirl quickly find themselves in over their heads. Initially drawn to such kits due to their deceptively low prices – especially when compared with hiring a conveyancing solicitor – they quickly incur exorbitant fees and fines due to amateur mistakes. In fact, many people see their conveyancing process grind to a screeching halt; in some cases, the entire transaction is lost and the home that they were so anxious to close the deal on slips through their fingers. The fact is, while you may save a bit of money on the outset, you’ll end up paying big-time down the road by using DIY conveyancing kits.

Ditch The Kit – Stick With A Seasoned Professional

There’s simply no substitute for a well qualified, vastly experienced conveyancing solicitor during such complex transactions. The fact that so many home buyers believe that the conveyancing process always concludes with settlement, for instance, highlights all of the misinformation that is so rampant out there. A DIY kit simply doesn’t equip you with the tools needed to adequately get through the process; the many complicated, minute steps involved are best left in the hands of a capable individual. What seems like a lot of extra money is actually a bargain when you think about all of the time, money and frustration you’d go through with a kit.

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