PEXA Electronic Conveyancing pt.2

In part one of this post, we looked at some of the first hand accounts of a law firm implementing online conveyancing in the form of PEXA. Part two will continue to look at Ownit Conveyancing and their experiences with PEXA, as well as their sponsor, GlobalX.


What Has Been The Biggest Benefit Ownit Has Noted From The PEXA Platform?

At this point the main benefit is how user-friendly the workspace has been designed. The transparency through each phase of the transaction allows all parties to see exactly where the transaction is at during the conveyancing process. As a result this will allow improved customer service to clients as we can provide up-to-date information with the click of a button.


How Has It Been Working With GlobalX As A Sponsor?

Ownit has maintained a very close working relationship with Global X for many years now. Due to the large volume of conveyancing we undertake, it was a natural decision to partner with Global X to maintain high efficiencies within our own internal workflow processes. Global X has been working with our leading-edge technology to integrate the Workspace with our data forms which will allow the majority of information to pre-populate into the workspace which removes the need to rekey critical fields. Global X have also added an additional service of VOI for our clients, if required.


Do You Feel Your Company Was Ready To Switch To The PEXA Platform? How?

The earlier you can streamline your e-conveyancing process by being ‘PEXA ready’ the more efficiently you can run the conveyancing division of your Firm. I believe that PEXA also offers early adopter system price incentives.


Global X has been extremely beneficial in two major areas. The first one is training. A rep from Global X and PEXA attended onsite to demonstrate the functions of the workspace to all e-conveyancing staff. Once setup, they assisted us with carrying out step-by-step workflow functions in the workspace on a demo file. Being hands on during the demo provided additional support to the staff as they were able to interact and ask questions with the specialists.


Any Tips For A Law Firm Looking To Implement Electronic Conveyancing?

I would highly recommend that any law firm that offers conveyancing make contact with Global X and PEXA. They will guide you through the PEXA registration process, which can seem daunting from the outset, however the on-boarding team is fantastic and will come to you to walk you through the necessary requirements.

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