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Coronavirus – COVID-19 August 2021 Latest Update

Coronavirus – COVID-19 August 2021 Latest Update

OWNit Conveyancing have taken steps to implement policies and procedures to ensure that we are able to continue to represent our clients during this lockdown.  Good news for those wanting to continue to settle during lockdown, we are able to settle electronically via PEXA as well as complete verification of identity using facial recognition technology, without our clients needing to leave home.  We also have in place processes to allow staff to obtain instructions from clients by electronic means including through the use of telephone, Facetime and Skype.

We want to assure everyone that here at OWNit Conveyancing we are ‘business as usual’ and that we will always here to assist you.

Please contact our office should you require any assistance.
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We believe the success of our business comes from treating you as an important business associate and providing you with as much support as possible in dealing with your clients. This means providing you with the highest level of service, efficient turnaround of contracts, and quick, hassle-free responses to your individual needs.

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