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    Combustible Cladding

    Combustible Cladding

    Q.  What happens when the property is suspected of having combustible cladding?

    A. On 1 October, 2018, Part 4A of the Building Regulation 2006 (Qld) (Cladding Regulations) came into effect.  When an owner of a private building is selling their property which has cladding, the property owner is required to undertake a process to identify if the building is affected by ‘combustible cladding’. If a building is found to be affected by combustible cladding the building owner must display a notice to that effect in a conspicuous position near the main entry point to the building. A Seller must also before settlement give to a Buyer notice that the building is affected by combustible cladding. Where the building comprises two or more lots the Body Corporate is taken to be the property owner.

    TIP – You should refer to the terms of the Part 4A of the Building Regulation 2006 (Qld) Regulation in any situation involving combustible cladding as the regulations detail the specific types of buildings that these regulations apply to.